If you owe $25,000, you could be debt-free in as fast as:

286 Months
Minimum Debt Relief Payments
Minimum Payments
55 Months
Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling
12-36 Months
Debt Free League
Debt Free League

Debt Settlement: Fast, Affordable Debt Reduction

debt settlement

The goal of Debt Free League is to help our customers live DEBT-FREE and STRESS-FREE. If you are buried in excessive credit card, medical, or business debt and are struggling to make the minimum payments, our debt settlement debt relief solution can help you get peace of mind:

  • Powerful debt reduction that has helped thousands of people burdened by debt.
  • Alleviate the endless annoying debt collection calls.
  • Fast debt elimination in about half the time of credit counseling without the 10-year credit damage caused by bankruptcy.
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Many consumers and businesses have trusted us, getting expert debt relief. Our proven strategy can help you resolve your financial hardship. View our debt settlement letters to see how Debt Free League can help you reach a zero balance on your debt, fast and affordably. See:
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You may qualify if you have a legitimate financial hardship and owe $7,500+ on the following unsecured debts:
  • Credit Cards and Department Store Cards
  • Bank Signature Loans and Lines of Credit
  • Medical Bills and Collection Accounts
  • Business Debt and Commercial Debt
  • Creditor Lawsuits & Judgments
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Did your business have a drop in sales, receivables, or cash flow? Are you bothered by collection calls? Our business debt reduction strategy helps you avoid Chapter 11 business bankruptcy and save tens of thousands in legal fees.
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