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National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan Makes Waves after National Launch
Latin Queen of Soul, Meritxell Negre Partners with Debt Relief Program Helping Debtors Avoid Bankruptcy and Debt Consolidation
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Press Release

Latin Queen of Soul, Meritxell Negre Partners with Debt Relief Program Helping Debtors Avoid Bankruptcy and Debt Consolidation

Latin Queen of Soul, Meritxell Negre is hired by to produce jingles for the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan marketing campaign. The professional singer-songwriter and community activist joins an economical cause. Helping Americans being pummeled by unemployment, rampant credit card debt, and medical problems, to avoid bankruptcy.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 12, 2010 -- Battling the malaise of a U.S. recession as severe as the 1930's Great Depression, Meritxell Negre joins Debt Free League to create public awareness of the debt elimination benefits of the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan. Meritxell (pronounced "Madi-shell"), who hails from Barcelona, Spain, is recognized as the newest Peaches of Pop-Soul duo, Peaches & Herb.

Meritxell's voice and soulful intensity is also heard in numerous movie scores and jingles for companies like Sears, Pringles, and Covergirl. Debt Free League hired the singer-songwriter to record several commercial jingles that they hope will improve their branding.

The strategic move arrives at a time that millions of Americans are being late on making their credit card payments. The company wants to help.

They believe that their debt settlement program, which can cut an outstanding credit card debt, medical debt, or business debt in half, creates more substantial debt relief than debt consolidation.

Typically, debt consolidation causes a people to pay 150 percent more than the original debt.

The bankruptcy alternative is unparalleled in the debt settlement industry.

For starters, it includes a 100% money-back guarantee. It gives a debtor assistance to prevent creditor harassment. People that are forced to cancel from the program qualify for a re-enrollment credit. The program boasts the lowest fees in the debt settlement industry. And the professional singer is now adding more oomph to the company's message.

Meritxell just completed recording a jingle for their Spanish subsidiary, Libre de Deudas. Translated to "The real defender of the debtor", the jingle is circulating in radio commercial spots running throughout the Houston and San Diego area.

After her February 13 Peaches & Herb performance at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Meritxell will start recording a jingle for Debt Free League's upcoming national marketing campaign.

"Our reigning debt settlement program teamed up with Meritxell, the Latin Queen of Soul, to spread the gospel of the powerful debt elimination benefits offered by the National Debt Relief Plan", states Eric Santacruz, Debt Free League Vice President.

He first collaborated with the beautiful performer during the I LOVE YOU ME, Women's Empowerment Conference. During the event to aid women of domestic violence, the company donated a certificate for a free enrollment into their program. Meritxell, who is a Spokeswoman for I LOVE YOU ME, also sang.

The phenomenal singer, who has worked with some of the greatest musicians in the Jazz and R&B world, is no stranger in supporting greater causes. She has also performed for the animal rights movement, Better World Partners, and at the State of New Mexico Barack Obama Inaugural Party.

Now, she is purposefully contributing her musical talent toward an economical cause. the fight to avoid bankruptcy.

In 2009, bankruptcy filings rose by nearly a third due to foreclosures and an unemployment rate that hit a 10 percent record high. Industry experts expect the rate increase in 2010. Credit card delinquencies and consumer debt charge offs have also risen.

But, as more financially-impaired Americans default on their debt, Debt Free League vigorously works to get more of their clients get on financial footing.

"The tremendous rate of unemployment is causing a lot of stress in American households. But thankfully, Debt Free League is helping Americans avoid bankruptcy, which is crucial for sustaining our economic recovery", Meritxell expresses.

Their debt settlement program is clearly helping Americans and small businesses to become debt-free. An the signs are evident with numerous debt settlement letters throughout the company's website.

Now, Meritxell's brilliant musical achievement is simply polishing the act.

About Debt Free League:

Debt Free League is the pioneer of the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan. The debt settlement program is a professional debt negotiation specialist that helps consumers and small business owners resolve financial hardships by negotiating settlements of personal, medical, and business debt. They provide free phone consultations at (800) 213-9968 and bilingual services through their Spanish affiliate, Libre de Deudas.

About Latin Queen of Soul - Meritxell Negre:

Meritxell co-recorded the Peaches & Herb CD, Colors of Love. The singer-songwriter has a music variety band and has performed for Donald Trump, Sheila C. Johnson, Walmart, IBM, the Coca Cola Company, and other fortune 500 corporate clients. Her portfolio includes voiceovers, movie soundtracks and jingles. For more information on her bio and audio clips, visit

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