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National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan

The proprietary National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan is a revolutionary debt settlement solution only available through DEBT FREE LEAGUE. The plan provides unique debt relief benefits to people who have suffered extreme financial hardships. The person’s economic condition may have been caused by a divorce, medical debt, business debt, or unemployment.

A primary benefit of the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan is fighting creditor harassment. The plan gives clients much needed stress relief by helping them legally stop fastidious collection calls.

Compared to the top debt elimination options including consumer credit counseling (debt management plans), debt consolidation loans, bankruptcy, and other debt settlement plans, the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan aggressively terminates personal, medical, and business debt without causing long-term credit damage like a bankruptcy.

By combining the nature of your financial situation with DEBT FREE LEAGUE’s expert debt negotiation strategies, the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan can allow you to CONVENIENTLY and RAPIDLY get out of debt paying MUCH LESS than what you originally owed.


Benefit from huge reductions not only on interest rates and fees, but also on your debt’s total balance! The National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan bundles your unsecured debt into one low monthly payment and works with many types of unsecured debts including:

  • Department-store cards
  • Collection accounts
  • Bank loans
  • Medical bills
  • Hospital bills
  • Personal loans
  • Finance company loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Post-foreclosure debt
  • Post-repossession debt
  • Lawsuit Summons & Complaints
  • Court judgments
  • Mexican debt (debt issued to Mexican residents or citizens by U.S. creditors)
  • Canadian debt (issued to Canadian residents or citizens by U.S. creditors)
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National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan Guarantees

Call TODAY for a FREE financial consultation…

To qualify for the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan, you must owe $10,000 or more on any of the above unsecured debts. Please call DEBT FREE LEAGUE for a confidential financial consultation and have your most recent creditor billing statements or collections letters handy.

A DEBT FREE LEAGUE financial advisor will give you a FREE financial analysis, which consists of a complete review and evaluation of your credit profile, including your credit score, debt-to-credit ratio, and debt-to-income ratio, plus a professional assessment of your ability to obtain more credit.

To see if the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan can help you improve your financial situation, please call 1-800-213-9968 today!

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You can debt-free in much less time than a consumer credit counseling debt consolidation program, benefiting not only from a substantial reduction on interest, but also on principal and fees.
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