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What to Look for in a Debt Settlement Company

Amidst an unstable economy, there’s an overwhelming demand for debt elimination services and a plethora of choices for you to consider.  But we at Debt Free League are an honest, honorable company that prides itself in truly helping The common debtor .  We give our clients an exemplary Debt Settlement service that stops creditor harassment and reduces credit card, medical, and business debt by as much as 70%.

Pursuant to The Debt Settlement debt elimination solution, we realize there is incredible confusion in understanding how his process works.  As a result, to help you make an informed decision in finding The best solution to eliminate your debt, below are some WARNING SIGNS for you to look out for : 

1. A Debt Settlement Company that falsely promises you a rose garden

Sadly, some Debt Settlement Companies willfully withhold facts, or make The Debt Settlement process sound more appealing.  Despite their empty promises, Debt Settlement is not a walk in The park! One of our greatest attributes as a Debt Settlement Company is working with The public in The spirit of full disclosure.  We realize that Debt Settlementis not for everyone and thus, we decline any consumer from our program who we cannot effectively serve.  Although in many instances Debt Settlement is well worth The pursuit, we also warn prospective customers about The legal and credit risks that are occasionally associated with this debt elimination solution.     

2.  A Debt Settlement Company that offers you a Debt Settlement guarantee:

Some Debt Settlement companies make promises or guarantees to settle unsecured Debt for a specific percentage.  However, according to The Federal Trade Commission, a Debt Settlement Company cannot guarantee that a creditor will accept partial payment of a legitimate debt.  A legitimate Debt Settlement Company will base its services on an estimated Settlement projection depending on its actual history of settlements with specific creditors.  The Settlement average of The top Debt Settlement companies is generally 50%, or 50 cents on The dollar.  in comparison, our physical monthly Settlement average fluctuates between 38 to 43%!

Our Customer Service and Negotiation team also go The extra mile to provide you with flexible options and top negotiations that are tailored to your specific needs.  At times, we may delay our monthly maintenance fees in order to leverage underfunded reserves so that a client does not miss out on The opportunity to achieve a timely and superior Settlement.

3. A Debt Settlement Company that does not offer you a money-back guarantee:

If a Debt Settlement Company does not have a WRITTEN refund policy in their service agreement, perhaps they’re not too confident they can settle your debt. To ensure you peace of mind, our company has a “30-day money back guarantee” that allows you to get a 100% refund of your deposit if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with our services.

4. A Debt Settlement Company that does not disclose to you their fees up-front:

Debt Settlement Companies have two fee structures.  The most common includes a flat fee typically of 15-20% of The total debt.   The second has an administrative fee of 2-5% of The total debt, plus a fee of 25%-30% on The amount saved.  If a Debt Settlement Company charges a flat fee in excess of 15% or a fee over 25% on The savings, they are charging too much, and chances are they may try not to disclose their fees upfront. However, our company offers you a written Best Price Guarantee that helps you avoid price gouging and allows you to save The most money on fees.

5.  A Debt Settlement Company that offers you free credit repair (credit restoration):

First of all , nothing in life’s for free!  Second, according to The law Fair Credit Repair Reporting Act, it is illegal for a company to charge an upfront fee prior to rendering any credit repair services. Thus, if a Debt Settlement Company charged you a fee upfront and promised to repair your credit for free later, they are violating The law!

6. A Debt Settlement Company that guarantees to give you good credit:

According to The Fair Credit Reporting Act, it is illegal to guarantee to fix or repair your credit!  Opposite this false claim, when you join a Debt Settlement program, you should expect your credit to decline.  However, many graduates of our program have seen substantial improvements to their credit after eliminating their debts and improving both their debt-to-credit ratios and their debt-to-income ratios.  During your free financial consultation and credit evaluation, we can best determine how our program will affect your credit.

7. A Debt Settlement Company that also works as a mortgage company:

The mortgage-lending crisis has caused a proliferation of mortgage companies to retail Debt Settlement services. But these mortgage companies, whose primary services are mortgage loans and mortgage refinancing, typically outsource “Debt Settlement” services, including customer service and debt negotiation, to more qualified third-party Debt Settlement providers. As a result, there is a higher incidence of sub-standard service and complaints by consumers who enroll in such Debt Settlement Services. in contrast, we are a complete Debt Settlement Company with qualified customer service personnel and debt negotiators who you can count on! Confirming our excellent track record, our site freely illustrates Debt Settlements examples with creditors, collection agencies, and collection attorneys.
Additional examples can be provided upon request.

8. A Debt Settlement Company that claims to have an “A+ rating” with The Better Business Bureau (BBB):

Although a reliable consumer resource, The BBB does not rate companies. Their job is to report The history of consumer complaints whether a company is a BBB member or not. in researching a company with The BBB, you should be concerned if they have unresolved consumer complaints or a high number of consumer complaints. Although we are not a BBB member, we are members of The Netcheck Commerce Bureau, an organization that best suits The needs of our prospective online clients. This organization promotes ethical business practices worldwide and achieves literally The same objective of The BBB. You may go online to to research our record with them.

9.  A Debt Settlement Company that co-manages or co-mingles its clients’ Settlement funds:

in some states, it is illegal for a Debt Settlement Company to manage or safeguard a client’s money in their savings account.  This unsafe practice has also led to a series of cases where Debt Settlement companies were sanctioned and shut down by The FTC for co-mingling and misusing client funds.  to ensure their money is safe, our clients securely save their Settlement funds in an FDIC insured trust account that is totally managed in their custody, care, and control! They also have 24/7 access to a web-based reporting system where they can view their monthly payments, dates of settlements, and how much money is available in their Settlementfunds.  This is The safest, most efficient way for to you buildup your Settlement funds and eliminate your debt.

10. A Debt Settlement Company that guarantees to settle your debt in a specific timeframe or for a specific amount:

A major red flag is when a Debt Settlement Company makes promises they cannot fulfill. Because of poor estimates, this causes people to have to come up with more money than what they were originally promised to fully settle their debts.  A client may also be low-balled a monthly payment without taking into account that The debt balance increased due to added interest charges and fees.  Not only can these problems cause The term to get out of debt to be severely extended, but it can also create a greater risk of creditor harassment-and lawsuits.  in contrast, we set up our clients’ monthly payments based on realistic Settlement averages and The estimated accrual of interest and fees to The debt principal balance. Unlike some of our competitors who promise results to get procure a sale, you will appreciate our honesty and professionalism.

11. A Debt Settlement Company that has an early cancellation penalty:

Some Debt Settlement Companies require you to enroll in their program for a long-term commitment.  Otherwise, if you cancel early, they may charge you a cancellation fee that may cost you hundreds of dollars.  But our clients may leave our program at any time without incurring any early cancellation penalty.  One of our least concerns is early cancellations since we strive to provide a top-notch, quality service.

12.  A Debt Settlement Company whose main interest is taking your money :

If you’re not careful, there are many scammers out there who will try to steal your hard-earned money .  in contrast, Debt Free League is dedicated to give you stable support in an unstable economy .  That is why we are The 1st Debt Settlement Company in The industry that will honor up to 100% of The fees you paid in The event you cancel due to an unexpected financial challenge, but reenroll in our program within three months. Other companies have fees that are fully earned and won’t credit you a dime toward a future reenrollment.  But as a courtesy, we will honor up to 100% of your fees because we understand how the economy is affecting many middleclass Americans, many who may be working today, but may not be working tomorrow.   (Restrictions apply.)

to learn more about our debt reduction services, please call (800) 213-9968 or fill out a free financial consultation form and we’ll call you as soon as possible.

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Proud Member of The Netcheck Commerce Bureau. Promoting ethical business practices worldwide. Proud Member of The Netcheck Commerce Bureau. Promoting ethical business practices worldwide.
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