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The following is a review of third-party debt collector, the collection law firm of Zwicker and Associates PC (a.k.a Zwicker & Associates):

Name: Zwicker & Associates, PC
Address: 80 Minuteman Rd
Andover, Massachusetts 01810-1031
Telephone: 800-370-2251
Fax: 978-686-3538
President: Paul W. Zwicker (admitted to Massachusetts BAR in 1979)

DFL Review

Zwicker and Associates PC practices civil litigation and specializes in creditor lawsuit filings on consumers that are delinquent on their debts. The collection law firm represents various plaintiffs, including Chase, Discover, GE Money, and American Express. They incorporated in 1991 in Massachusetts, where they are presently headquartered and have branches in Alabama, Georgia, California, New York, Texas, Nebraska, and Utah.

WARNING: If you reside in any of the aforementioned states and received a collection notice from the law firm of Zwicker & Associates, you probably received a legal demand for payment or were served with a creditor lawsuit (summons and complaint).

Being that Zwicker & Associates has notoriety for filing collection lawsuits, their legal threats must not be taken lightly. However, as a third-party debt collector, they DO NOT have the same collection rights as an original creditor or debt buyer. Being a “third-party” debt collector, this law firm MUST abide by state and federal collection laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Under the FDCPA, a third party debt collector CAN NOT threaten to sue you unless they follow up with a lawsuit. They CAN NOT make false threats against you, such as threatening to take away your property or garnish your wages. They CAN NOT harass you or use profane language. Furthermore, Zwicker must be licensed to practice law in the state in which they are attempting to collect a debt.

Company’s History of Consumer Complaints

On the Rip Off Report website at a total of 11 complaints were filed against Zwicker and Associates.

On 03/2012, on the BBB website at – the Better Business Bureau reported that in the last three years, a total of 80 consumer complaints were filed by consumers against the law firm of Zwicker and Associates PC. Additionally, 43 of those complaints were closed in the past 12 months and 65 were related to billing/collection issues.

The online BBB Customer Reviews Summary includes a consumer review posted on 9/15/2011 alleging that Zwicker “did not respond to a debt validation request for a mentally challenged family member.” The complainant also intended to “contact an attorney to protect a mentally challenged family member and get advice on how to sue GE Money and Zwicker and Associates for unfair debt practices and violating the FDCPA.” (See full review here:

In July 22, 2009, in the New York Attorney General website at, Attorney General, Andrew M. Cuomo announced his office sued 35 law firms (including Zwicker & Associates) and two debt collectors in New York State to throw out an estimated 100,000 default judgments improperly obtained against New York consumers. The lawsuit against unlawful debt collection practices, which was filed in July 21, 2009 in New York State Supreme Court, Erie County, alleged that the defendants “failed to notify New York consumers that they faced debt-related lawsuits and failed to properly serve consumers across the state with legal papers, causing thousands to unknowingly default and have costly judgments entered against them without the chance to respond or defend themselves.”

Zwicker & Associates, PC has also been sued by consumers for violations of the FDCPA. However, the overall amount of consumer complaints and lawsuits filed against the law firm seems consistent with their size.

If you owe a legitimate debt and are being threatened or sued by a collection law firm, you may have been a victim of collection abuses. And, you should pursue whatever legal means necessary to protect your rights. You can also contact Debt Free League at (800) 213-9968 for debt relief assistance. Hiring a seasoned negotiator can help you convert a creditor lawsuit from a potential judgment into a satisfactory out of court settlement.

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Chula Vista Lawn Care business card




If searching for Chula Vista Lawn Care,



The Debt Free League Blog teaches people in debt how to fight back against the injustices of banks and debt collectors.  We also occasionally expose other unfair business practices, such as in this review of Chula Vista Lawn Care and Chula Vista Lawn Care Services (

Company: Chula Vista Lawn Care
Address: 642 Palomar St. Suite 406-109
Chula Vista, CA 91911
Phone: (619) 253-6263

Company: Chula Vista Lawn Care Services
Address: PO Box 6261
Chula Vista, CA 91909
Phone: (619) 904-5296

About Chula Vista Lawn Care
The official website of Chula Vista Lawn Care is However, actually belongs to Chula Vista Lawn Care Services, which seems to be operating with an expired Chula Vista business license. Keep reading to get ALL THE FACTS…

Chula Vista Lawn Care officially resides in the city of Chula Vista and has been serving the South Bay since 2003. The sole proprietorship is owned by Charles A Ludwick.  The Contractors State License Board website confirms that  Mr. Ludwick has an active, C-27 contractor’s license (number 964077).  His company specializes in the following commercial and residential landscaping services:

• Lawn & garden
• Sprinkler systems
• Landscape lighting
• Gardening
• Water gardens
• Fountains & ponds
• Lawn installation service
• Landscape maintenance
• Lawn & tree care

Ludwick’s company has a recognizable client list, including Jack in the Box, Chevron, Union 76, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, AM PM, and Motel 6.  According to the Better Business Bureau website, the landscaping contractor is a BBB-accredited member with an A+ rating and zero filed complaints.


About Chula Vista Lawn Care Services (

Our review of Chula Vista Lawn Care Services dug up troubling information.  The first warning sign is that their website does not list a physical mailing address. They only list a  P.O. Box.  Secondly, their phone number, (619) 904-LAWN (5296) forwards to a recorded greeting from “Landscape Solutions.” At the time of this review, the city of Chula Vista found no business license records for Landscape Solutions and confirmed that the business license of Chula Vista Lawn Care Services expired since 2004.

We also learned that the “(619) 904-LAWN (5296)” is also on various websites of San Diego Landscape Solutions Inc. Again, the city of Chula Vista could  not find an active business license for San Diego Landscape Solutions Inc.

The Contractor’s License Board and Better Business Bureau recognize Brett Pieratt (also a C-27 landscaping contractor) as owner of San Diego Landscape Solutions Inc.  According to the Whois database on domain name registration records, Brett Pieratt is also owner and registrant of and all of the following domain names:

  1.         (Also advertises as Landscape Solutions)
  2.    (Also advertises as Landscape Solutions)
  3.         (Also advertises as Landscape Solutions)


Why does Brett Pieratt, owner of San Diego Landscape Solutions Inc., own And, why is this licensed contractor soliciting business under the disguise of “Chula Vista Lawn Care Services”? Although the answer is not entirely clear, the following statement from the real owner of Chula Vista Lawn Care provides a plausible explanation:

“Various times, I’ve expressed to Mr. Pierrat that marketing the same domain name with an almost identical company name as my company name is hurting my business. Numerous people have told me that his website misled them into thinking they were doing business with Chula Vista Lawn Care. Repeatedly, I have asked Mr. Pieratt to sell me the domain name. But, his unreasonable asking price of $15,000 looks like he stands to lose a lot of profit”, declares Mr. Ludwick.

Note:  On their website, Chula Vista lawn Care services has no disclaimer that their domain name is not the same as Chula Vista Lawn Care, or the company is owned by and/or affiliated with Brett Pieratt or San Diego Landscape Solutions Inc.


The above Debt Free League Blog Review warns that a domain name doesn’t always represent the actual company and that all businesses don’t represent their services to the public in total transparency. If you are in Chula Vista, National City, San Ysidro or any other city in the South County, San Diego and are seeking a BBB-accredited, C-27, licensed contractor, feel free to apply for a FREE ESTIMATE at the correct website of Chula Vista Lawn Care. You may also contact Charles Ludwick at (619) 253-6263 or email:


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