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Jan 2012


Winn and Sims APC aka Winn Law Group Review

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Company: Winn & Sims APC


110 East Wilshire Avenue, Suite 212
Fullerton, California 92832

U.S Phone Numbers:
Phone: 714-446-6686
Fax: 714-446-6686

Head Collection Attorneys:
Brian N. Winn, Lawyer, CA Bar #86779
Ralph L. Sims, Lawyer, CA Bar #83880

ATTN: This news will be very helpful for you if you are being pursued by the above collection law firm and/or need debt settlement California assistance.

Winn & Sims APC (Winn and Sims), a.k.a. Winn Law Group, is a professional law corporation in the city of Fullerton, California. Admitted with the State Bar of California and active to practice law in the state of California (BAR license number: 86779), Winn and Simms is a general attorney specializing as a civil litigation attorney for creditors. They collect credit card debt and other types of unsecured debt settlement California accounts.

The company is privately held and is under the business category of attorneys and lawyers. They opened for business and incorporated in California in 1992. Recent reports indicate that Winn & Sims Law Group earns a yearly revenue of $3,700,000 and employes 30 employees. The company is an expert in Credit Union Law, FDCPA compliance, Claims and Deliveries, Commercial and Consumer collections, Financial Litigation, Creditors Rights in Bankruptcy, and Defense Litigation.

In layman terms, Winn and Sims is a debt collection law firm. Original creditors normally hire them a third-party collection agency that they outsourced to failed to collect an unpaid debt. If you reside in California and have received a collection notice from Winn Law Group, it may be a mini-Miranda demand for payment. Being that such notice comes in the form of a law firm letterhead can be very intimidating. However, the intent of their notice is to get you to repay a debt or to get a debt settlement California negotiation.

The real threat to be concerned about is receiving a Winn Law Group summons and complaint. This is a lawsuit issued by a collection law firm to a debtor to legally enforce collection of a debt for a creditor. Note: Creditor lawsuits normally happen after a debtor has ignored one or more demands for payment from a collection attorney and are generally filed to effect debt settlements or legally collect on unsecured debts ranging from $4,000 to $12,000 in value.

If Winn & Sims serves you a lawsuit, their objective is to pressure you to reach an immediate debt settlement or debt repayment. Otherwise, the intent is to take you to court and win a judgment against you. If you fail to show up to your court date, the court can also award a default judgment favoring the creditor. From there, the collection attorney can proceed by getting a garnishment order on your wages, or a lien on your home.

Unlike a lot of debt collectors, few collection issues or debt settlements complaints have been registered against Winn & Sims APC. According to a report found in January, 2012 at the website of the BBB of the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties of Southern California, in a 3 year period, 19 complaints were filed against Winn & Sims. Mostly all were for billing/collection issues.

At the Bud Hibbs website (, between 2007 and 2010, several people reported unfair debt collection practices complaints against the law firm. The website also warns that, “Winn and Sims may be attempting to collect on debts that are likely bogus, time barred by statutes, which cannot meet legal verification requirements.”

Beyond the courtroom, debt settlement California is one solution that you can consider if the above law firm is attempting to collect on your credit card debt. Trying this approach can certainly help you avoid judgment or wage garnishment issues with creditors.

To learn how debt settlements work, you can call a Debt Free League debt counselor at 1-800-213-9968 for free assistance. On the other hand, if this or any collection attorney has committed a Fair Debt Collection Practices violation, you may also contact the following:

* California Attorney General
* Federal Trade Commission
* State Bar of California (415.538.2000 /

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