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Debt Free League recommeds Debt Free League gives 5 STARS as the best online personal finance tool for San Diego debt relief.

In our line of business, where on-time debt management is crucial, staff at Debt Free League has been giddy over Being well aware that education is the number one tool for the success of our clients, we praise the online software’s numerous virtues in our keeping clients abreast of their financial affairs. Debt Free League knows. The more informed that a consumer is the less pressure there is in making debt management decisions. And, creates awareness to help consumers avoid pitfalls and losing control on the reduction of their debts.

Debt Free League has begun suggesting to clients because it’s a totally free online personal budgeting tool that brings peace of mind. “I personally love using Mint with my Smartphone. I probably use it as often as I open my Facebook account”, states Ana Ariarte, one of Debt Free League’s San Diego Debt Relief clients. Ariarte especially likes the convenience of being able to manage all of her financial affairs in one place. Anywhere she goes, everything is easily view-able from her mobile phone.

In comparison to many other software products, is a well-designed application offering its users many excellent capabilities. Unlike other budgeting apps, the software requires no online book-keeping. It conveniently connects you to virtually every banking financial institution with the ease of internet banking capabilities.

There simply is no better resource available in the free app world. also saves you the hassle of tedious data entry, merging all of your checking, credit card, and retirement accounts, ALL into one place! It also allows all of our San Diego debt relief clients to automatically view all of their balances, transactions, and debt management payments under one roof, via the web or on their mobile phones.
Summarizing the benefits, allows you to categorize and assign budgets, set up goals, track investments, and view ALL transactions from multiple financial accounts in one platform. Secondly, in an era of rampant identity theft, it has strong security measures, such as the same back-level encryption to protect your financial data that banks use. Thirdly, your access to is read-only, which means it has no ability to actually move your money. It can only read the transactions and balances in your account. Additionally,’s cool visual graphs and charts will put you in the driver’s seat while managing your finances.

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