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Debt Free League loves to help San Diego Debt Relief seekers with the Debt-to-Freedom Plan. Every month, we receive client testimonials talking about how we helped them avoid bankruptcy or alleviate creditor harassment. And whether we help people to liquidate their credit card debts, medical bills or business debts at a fraction of what they owe, what we truly give our clients “peace of mind.” That said, what makes a Debt-to-Freedom Plan client?

Debt to Freedom PlanTo determine if you’re a San Diego Debt Relief candidate, call 1-800-213-9968 and we’ll analyze your financial situation and explain to you the differences between credit counseling, bankruptcy, a consolidation loan and the benefits of the Debt-to-Freedom Plan. Then, if you’re pre-qualified, we’ll review your application, including your income and expenses and factors that contributed to your financial hardship. Below is a summary of our underwriting variables:

1) Financial Hardship (reason for being in debt; how long in debt; what other parties were affected by the hardship.)
2) Financial Profile (monthly income and expenses; assets; financial obligations.)
3) Creditors (how much is owed; type of debt; status on late payments.)
4) Miscellaneous Factors (type of employment; dependents; prior bankruptcy, etc.)

Upon approval, a verification call will be made to welcome you aboard as a Debt-to-Freedom Plan client. You will also be set up on a flexible payment plan. Then, our negotiators will go to work!

Our negotiators are the main artillery of the Debt-to-Freedom Plan. One of them will be negotiating a settlement or debt repayment plan with your creditor or the debt collector assigned to your debt. Generally, the greater your hardship is, the bigger your settlement. Below are real examples of some of our client’s financial hardships:

Client #1: This individual was unemployed and his only source of income was his unemployment checks and emergency savings, which was quickly being depleted in order pay bills. He also had to support a wife and two daughters that resided overseas.

Client #2: This individual lost work bonuses as a result of the real estate market slowdown. He also incurred considerable medical bills due to an illness that landed him in the ER. Due to the substantial drop in his employment income, he had to use his credit cards to pay for his medical bills.

Client #3: This individual was forced to quit working after acquiring thyroid cancer, which led to breast cancer. Having to rely on just her husband’s employment income, her family had no choice but to use credit cards to pay cover bills and living expenses.
All of the above people once saw doom and gloom not knowing how to get proper San Diego Debt Relief. However, the following Debt Free League Client Testimonial shows light at the end of the tunnel:
“March 16, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Yamilette Martinez and I am writing this letter so that others can learn about the services that Debt Free League can provide in order to help those overwhelmed by debt. I’m so glad to say that I am finally a graduate of the program and although throughout the years it was rough sometimes, the customer service representatives were always there to try and help me, ease my concerns or answer any questions I was having about my account. They were always very professional, compassionate and understanding of what those of us with huge debt are dealing with. I say, if you’re tired of debt collectors calling and harassing, or just tired of feeling like your debt is uncontrollable, then you should try giving Debt Free League a call. I’ve learned a lot about managing my money now, and hopefully I will never have to go through anything like this again, owing anyone money just doesn’t feel good but at least I know that if I were to do it all over again, I could count on this program to see me through it. Like anything else, I’m not going to say that everything about the program was perfect or easy, but that pales in comparison to the fact that this program did what it set out to do, which was not only to help me get out of debt, but to save me lots of headaches and money in the end. To this I am forever grateful.”

Graduates of the Debt-to-Freedom Plan see there is life after debt. Feel free to Call Debt Free League to compare your San Diego Debt Relief benefits, the toll-free number is 1.800.213.9968.

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