Jan 2012


NCO Group Review a.k.a. NCO Financial Systems Inc.

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TweetThis is a review on NCO Group a.k.a NCO or NCO Financial Systems, Inc., website: www.ncogroup.com. Company: NCO Group NCO Financial Systems, Inc. Website: www.ncogroup.com United States Address 507 Prudential Road Horsham, PA 19044-2308 600 Park Rd Ste 200, Charlotte, NC 28209-3238 U.S. Telephone Numbers (800) 220-2274 866-287-2543 800-727-8444 (215)


TweetConsidered by many as a serial flip-flopper on political topics, Mitt Romney now earns the greater distinction of the “Proverbial Capitalist.” In 2011, the former Massachusetts Governor made a slip that may hurt his run for the White House and it also questions: Why hasn’t debt relief arrived for the


TweetBY VIC CHEVALIER For many years, FAIR ISAAC, the creator of the FICO credit score kept consumers in the dark about the existence of their credit scores. Even today, knowing how credit scoring works is a secretive science for most folks. A reason why 61 million Americans have subprime credit


TweetIn 2011, a record number of consumers decided to sue debt collectors for Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) violations. Yet, FDCPA debt collection lawsuits pale in comparison to the record number of FDCPA complaints. The following explains the various grounds for filing debt collection lawsuits. The weak economy, which


TweetAmid the coming election and the controversy in the economy over job creators and job killers, alas a bipartisan bill aimed to curtail the massive push of U.S. jobs overseas has hit the House floor. Introduced last week by House Representatives Tim Bishop (D-N.Y.) and David McKinley (R-W.Va.), the long-anticipated


Tweet By Vic Chevalier Being delinquent on credit card debts is no laughing matter. The endless annoying collection calls, torturous threat of lawsuits, and fear of bankruptcy can create many sleepless nights. But, a debt negotiation agreement can take away a lot troubles. The following statistics explain why so many



Dec 2011


Three Tips on Finding the Best Debt Settlement Companies

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TweetBy Vic Chevalier In an uncertain economy, debt settlement can be a sound prescription toward achieving financial wellness. The debt relief solution has triumphed as a bankruptcy deterrent for millions of Americans burdened by credit card debt. It’s widely favored because it provides a more substantial debt reduction than a


TweetTransUnion reports that the practice of credit cardholders giving priority to credit card payments over mortgage payments, which originated since 2008, continues to flourish. And, with the gradual progress to the U.S. economy, there’s no end in sight to the twisted trend. Why have the tables turned? For many decades,



Dec 2011


How to Avoid Bankruptcy and Negotiate a Good Debt Settlement

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TweetAlthough everyone that is in serious debt would like to avoid bankruptcy, like never before, Americans are experiencing immense financial burdens. And unfortunately, many think bankruptcy is the only way out of their debt crisis. However, an effective bankruptcy alternative is within reach – the undertaking of a debt settlement


TweetBy Vic Chevalier If you seek serious debt consolidation, chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide essential debt relief. But, according to the new bankruptcy law, it can also cause you some pain that you need to be aware of. Although it does not wipe out all debts, chapter 13 can be


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